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First of all, I am not interested in talking with guys.  No offense but we can be pretty creepy in the way we talk about diapers.  I am not here for you to get turned on by my diaper wearing, or what I do in them. 

I enjoy wearing both diapers, and spandex.  Leotards, leggings, and tights (I am NOT a sissy, and not into cross-dressing.)  There is a story as to why.  Please feel free to ask.  I'm not going to go on and on and on about myself, if you want to know more, don't be afraid, just ask.  Like my screen name says, I am a DL.  I am not an ABDL, just a DL.  I am not looking for a mommy/daddy, I am not a sitter, and NO I do not need my diaper changed (unless a serious relationship unfolds)  I don't understand why anyone has the desire to be an AB or the need to regress.  With that being said, I am not interested in being a daddy.  I find it silly.  Not insulting anyone, I just don't get it.


Which diapers do I prefer wearing?  Dry 24/7, but am open to anything thicker.  I am not interested in baby print, or any print.  Of course plastic backed are the best (IMO)

What do I do in them?  I will wet them, and very very occasionally will I mess in them.  On the rare occasion I will do it on purpose, but for the most part, only when I have no other choice (no toilet around).

Do I have anyone to diaper me, or do I diaper anyone ?  Again, I am not the baby or daddy type.  But I am here looking for someone (female) who I can share mutual diaper changings with.  A diaper change doesn't make you an ab.  I believe its a crucial part of wearing a diaper.  Its starts with a proper application.

Diapers to me are?  Sexual.  Yes they are a source of pleasure.  

How did I come to wearing diapers in the first place ?

I came to the game pretty late all things considered.  I was never a bedwetter, or in need of them in any way.  In 2002 I was working the graveyard shift at a hotel.  Some people checked in wearing latex and collars and ....such.  3 or 4 guys and girls all drunk, falling and making out with one another.  That got my co-worker and I talking about kinks and fetishes.  I told him what mine was (not diaper related) to which he said sounded tame compared to his.  He would later tell me all about diapers.  All about the AB and the DL, differences and similarities.  I asked A LOT of questions.  On the bus ride home, I got to thinking more and more about what he said, and I figured, well, if I am going to hound him with more questions, I might as well buy a pack and see what he likes about them.  So I did.  I wore them right away, not really hating them or loving them.  I wore until one or the other happened.  Obviously I began to like them.

Females:  If you would like to chat, please feel free to contact me on Hangouts at [email protected] 

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diapers, spandex, leggings, leotards, and more. There is more, just ask
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