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I'm Jodie Delight.
I'm a worldwide Amazon Author who writes fictional erotic stories based within the Adult Baby, Sissy Baby and Infantilism kinks and fetishes of BDSM.
Every one of my published ABDL eBooks are original and uniquely written with memorable fictional characters, superb dialogue, intriguing infantilism plots and storytelling connected within the fantasies of worldwide ABDL people. 
My thriving ambition is to write and publish all of my planned 501 ABDL eBooks and to become the best ABDL author in the world.
I hope my published ABDL eBooks will bring joy, arousement and satisfaction to my readers, fans and followers within the worldwide Adult Baby, Sissy Baby and Infantilism communities.
You can 'Follow' me, or keep up to date with my daily tweets on my Official Twitter profile where I tweet daily updates about her future and up-and-coming published ABDL eBooks.
Jodie Delight - Official Twitter Profile
I have two Official Websites where you can view my other unique range of creative collection of Adult Baby, Sissy Baby & Infantilism eBooks.

I cap ALL prices for my published eBooks. I also have a Tag Feature that will grow as the weeks and months pass. 

It'll give my visitors and readers better & faster options to what they'd wish to read.

For more information, please visit, depending on your country, continent & currency, either my Official USA or Official UK website. 

Thank you.
Jodie Delight USA - Official Website
Jodie Delight UK - Official Website
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