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my name is mike nobles i am a 35 year old male who lives in casper wyoming right now where i do some volunteer work. i volunteer for 2 response teams where i live and very much enjoy being able to help others in need and do so freely. i am working on getting my degree in the medical field whether it be a certified rn or cna. there are no girls where i live who i am interested in so i would like to be able to converse with others and see where it goes from there. i will be open to talk to anyone as long as there is mutual respect shown. to make this part if any guy is looking for a little boy that is not me and i am not interested is the only thing i have to say. i am interested in chatting with people and hopefully finding the right person. i would consider being a caregiver to a girl if she is looking for one but not going to force it or push that subject. 

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my hobbies include movies, music, reading medical books relating to the medical field which i would love to do something in that field even if it's just as a volunteeer. spending time with family also i enjoy all kinds of movies and all kinds of music also.
my interests are volunteering for the CERT team where i live and for the Red cross also. i find it very rewarding to be able to help others as a volunteer and not take any money for it. i have been looking to get more involved as a Volunteer and would like to be able to be deployed to any disaster affected areas that would need assistance
African American
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The Greatest Showman, 13 Hours Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi, Black Hawk Down, We were Soldiers, Tears of the Sun, Hacksaw Ridge,
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anything relating to the medical field