General Info
Baby Thomas
United Kingdom
East Yorkshire
Looking For
Man, Woman

Hi their I am a straight single lost baby boy with memory loss and have middle hearing probloms and my eyes are now starting to play up, as I have been hunting around for my biological mother and father and still can't find them. All I wanted in my life is to own a biological mother and father to have me has there real natural baby and treat me just that by doing all the motherly things to me as if I was their real natural baby and she or he would like a baby like me shall be able to keep me as a baby shall only feed me baby food for a two month old and the snacks and can also breastfeed me if she want's like her true baby, as I have never been breastfeed before, or they can just bottle feed me baby formulas for new born babies to 8 month old babies and also the baby juices.I would wear diaper's 24/7 like a baby and shall do the same things in them as a real normal babies us them for so I hope I could find a couple or a family that wants a baby in their family. I am not scared to go out in public as a baby if I'm not on my own as I do fell alone most of the time and would like to be kept as their property, and would they be able to change me out in public if needed and would they be able to feed me also out in public like a baby. Anyone that would like to adopt a baby boy as thier real natural baby by do all the same things to baby as if he was yours from day one as this baby boy would travel anywhere in the world to have a family or a single mother that want's this baby boy.

Additional information
200 cm tall
168 lbs
same as mommies
Mommy shall teach me
Relationship Status
just being a natural baby boy, Playing catch me, Public days out with mommy.
finding a real honest mommy to have me as their normal baby and do all same things to me as if I was their real natural baby boy they have been looking for. Plus for me to be safe with and to be around them all the time.
same as mommies
Favorite Sites
there are no sites on here for infants
Favorite Music
Mommies music and all the baby music also, Plus mommy singing to me.
Favorite Films
to young for films but only if mommy as films for her baby to watch,
Favorite Books
story books mommies read to their babies