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hi my name is Sarah i'm adult baby i been one my whole life it was due lack of oxygen to the brain i suffered at 8months old when i stopped breathing and ended up with severe brain damage major disabilities & many other problems cause by the lack of oxygen. it cause severe damage to the brain many problem i aim the way aim todays watch is a baby if not of you can understand that & stop bullying me, i'm sorry i stopped breathing at 8mos lost oxygen for a very long time, i was born way to early it cause many problems after that on top of severe brain damage. i'm sorry if none of you have any understanding for people like me who have severe disabilities come with many other problems my mommy or my caregiver looks after me during the day, it's not my fault if you guy or anybody no understand. So to answer you all question i been a baby my whole life it was caused by the brain damage watch got worse over the years as did the baby talk so you can judge me all you want but i didn't do anything wrong. i didn't ask to have a disability or be made fun of , do you know what is like to be judged you're whole life for having a disability then made fun on every social media website,  Then told by the people on there i'm loser no one care & i'm worthless. No you all don't know how i feel or what it feels like when you try to make friends & people ignore me cause how i talk or when i want a Daddy but no one wants to be it cause i have disability they reather make fun of how i talk. Life for me isn't fair i really deserve a good daddy one that won't hurt me. If none of you are smart enough to comprehend this let me break it down do not post stupid stuff on my page about asking me to be your mom you're anyting I have a disability and it is severe I just got out of the hospital on October 28th 2018 with a brain injury brain damage and a hematoma from falling and hitting my head and there's a scar in the back of my head there's three scars and three bruises so leave me alone if you're going to pick on me and you don't generally care about me I don't need it right now I have enough going on and I don't need the phony  and it's in fakeness of you all thank you. Sincerely Sarah. I was Recently involed in a auto accident , last friday my both knees cause severely banged up. I haven't been on here in awhile because even though i have severe disabilities it doesn't mean that i don't get sad or depressed about how people treat me & make fun of me, or Bully me.. It breaks my heart no one understand or wants to .
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being a baby
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