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Chris Allen
United States
Looking For
Man, Woman

Good looking, straight acting, gay male.  5'9" weigh 165 pounds clean cut.  Very fun and outgoing.   Lean more towards guys sexually, but I am emotionally attracted to women.  I would love to find a gay diaper wearing woman who ,might have similar feelings as me.  Or maybe a mommy.  I am very nurturing, caring and loving.  I am very outgoing and friendly.  I am very affectionate love to hold hands, cuddle, lick, would love to suck on breasts every day.  But I am not into intercourse with a woman.  I am a total bottom for that.  Being a cuckold I think would be awesome.   I am safe, sane, and college educated.  I was a bed wetter growing up.  I wore diapers until I was around 12.  I often used to wet myself just to stay in diapers.  But I finally outgrew my bed wetting.  In college I cross-dressed a lot and dated men.  I met an older man who got me back into wearing diapers and being his diapered sissy and I loved it.  Been wearing diapers again ever since.  if not in a diaper I wear either a pullup, or panties with a maxi-pad.  At work I often have to be discrete so I usually wear panties with a maxipad, sometimes I will wear a thick incontinence pad.  I love diapers.  I just think they are so cute, comfortable, convenient and gives me a sense of security.  I would love to meet others into diapers or the whole adult baby scene.  

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