General Info
United States

To start off, I am already happily married, and I cannot host. That might kill most of my conversations, but I'm trying to be very honest and open.

I have been into AB/DL for a very long time but primarily as a Daddy. Recently, I started exploring my own little side, and I'm really looking to be babied myself.

As I said before, I am married to a wonderful guy who gives me the freedom to explore this stuff and play outside of our marriage. Please note, we do not threeway. Also, one of my pet peeves are people who ask for a ton of info about him. If he wanted his info known, he'd make his own profile here.

Ideally, I'd love to find a Daddy who's local, older, taller, hairier (not difficult!), and gently but firmly dominant. If that sounds like you, or mostly you, drop me a line.

I also enjoy talking with other ABs and DLs and so on. Always good to make friends!