General Info

Hey there everyone!!!

First off, Im a trans girl who is currently transitioning. Thus FEMALE pronouns please.

Okay, so... Ive been getting a lot, and I mean a whole lot of people who dont seem capable of more than one liners, and folks who dont read profiles. so... PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS!!

Im going to be as decriptive as possible here to ensure that whomsoever messages me knows all about what Im searching for.

Im about 1 year old as an ABDL.

I currently live in London, and I am searching for a Mommy or Daddy for a 247 type TPE Dynamic. (outside of work of course)

Basically, when not at work I want to be your baby, at all times, and completely (with all that being a one year old entails) Please note This is an absolute. We can get into further details if your still interested at this point, just send me a message.


In return you will have a little baby girl, ready to give you all her adoration, love, and essence. (since I know this will be asked, YES I can be sexual)


Looking forward to hearing from you all!


PS If you read this far, please mention the pink sparkly unicorn in your first message!


baby cecillia