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If you got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow
United States
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I admit that I am not online here most of the time so if ever you want to chat just give me a message, bouchersasha at I have so many silly things about me. I cannot categorize myself as anything in particular. guess I would be YOUR DREAM: I am kind and cheerful,romantic and womanly and very purposeful. So, my main aim for now is to find YOU and to make US happy! So, imagine: you will be always surrounded with kindness and romance,feminity and incredible beauty! I have a GREAT sense of humor in addition, so you will just die from laugh with me every moment! But for being HAPPY with SUCH QUEEN you must win her capricious heart!Are you curious to know HOW TO DO THIS?! Just write me a letter and I will explain you, I promise! bouchersasha at yeawho.kom
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  •  PMF_Daddy wrote 111 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Its scary how true your headline is
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  •  DLguy wrote 552 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Hi, how are you?
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  •  DiaperedPhilosopher wrote 734 Days Ago (positive) 
    you said look at your eyes, now I can't look away, was that your intention? :)
    0 points
  •  dl94dude wrote 814 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Hey im Alex, im 18, and Im new to this site. I jus twanted t ostop by and say you're beautiful. Im not a perve and creep lik most guys into this. I actually don't even believe in sex before marriage. If we were to talk some and get to know eachother I guarantee you wouldn't regret it :)
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  •  diaperdanny42 wrote 1044 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Here in Milwaukee,42 goin on 2,ab/dl. Lookin' for a mommy whom won't judge me for my imperfections. I have a medical problem which forces me to wear adult diapers. I've learned to accept,embrace,and even LOVE the need to wear them,but find that women I've dated have no idea what cross I bare. I have come to the conclusion that it's better to get it out in the open before I even think about dating someone. Judge me if you will,but keep in mind that's not all I am. I am a loving,caring, care free artisan. I bend over backwards to meet all my partner's needs. I am quite submissive,but quite confident in who I am and whom I was meant to be! I am looking for a caring,understanding,and loving woman to share my hopes,dreams,and aspirations with. You need to be open-minded and adventuresome; not afraid to try new and exciting things. If you fit the bill and are willing to look past my imperfections. then I hope to hear from you soon. If not,keep on looking, because life's to short and I have no time for games! I promise I'll be good???????????

    diaperdanny naughtyboy
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