I’m very lonely as a sissy, and getting kind of desperate. I really want someone to make me be the sissy baby I really am. Get inside my head, discipline me, abduct me if necessary and steal me away to a new world where I have no choice but to be a full t

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hello, my name is michelle and i''''m a 29 year old diapered adult sissy baby, looking to meet others as well as caretakers. i want to reach out and live this life beyone my own bed room.


Isn’t there anyone out there who just delights in making sissies? I really want to meet people who just enjoy the knowledge that they’ve made or at least encouraged a sissy to commit, to truly become a sissy. Is any one intrigued by the thought of getting me in diapers and dresses 24/7? Does the thought of making me a diaper dependent, adult baby girl?

I ask in complete earnest. It’s not that I don’t love the feelings, being a diapered sissy baby. It’s that it’s hard to stay focused when I’m all alone, when I feel I’m the only one the world who may care. I so desire permanence as a diapered sissy, when I’m up and in a good mode, but once I feel lonely my focus fades and I allow myself to fail. If I just felt that anyone else actually wanted this for me, it would help so much. To actually receive encouragement would change my world.

Any one out there who feels the same, understands me and especially if you want to help, please let me know. I’m just looking for a way to feel not so alone in this. I don''''''''t mean play either, I mean for real. Either expressed over the Internet or in person, but not just playful conversation. Some one out there has to be both truly into this concept and down to earth enough to truly peruse it with reason and patience.


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