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I have always enjoyed wearing female clothes, and I loved to dress up and then have sex with a woman.

I had a fantasy of a strict Dominant woman who wanted to feminize me, and I would try to find women who would act out this fantasy with me. Of course it was only a game.

Then I met Mistress Jade, and for her it was not a game, and she was serious about feminization, even by force if necessary.

At first I was not sure if I wanted this, it was a nice fantasy, and a lot of fun when it was a game, but there was something about Mistress Jade that made me want to do as she ordered, so I agreed to become her sissy slave and to be feminized by her.

I usually dressed in female clothes once or twice a week, but Mistress Jade insisted I wear female clothes every day. She ordered me to buy a steel Chastity cage and I was locked into that and very rarely released from it. I had a collar locked around my neck, wrist and ankle shackles, and she secured me into restrictive Bondage restraints most days.

I had to obey her in all things, or I would be punished. This involved being tied up and beaten, or just chained up in a very uncomfortable position and left for hours. This is when the Diapers started. Being chained up for several hours, Mistress had to check if I needed to go to the toilet, and release me if I needed to pee. So she decided that with a Diaper on, I could be left in Bondage and just pee in the Diaper.

When Mistress Jade realized how humiliated and embarrased I felt when put into a Diaper, she decided to make it more and more a part of my feminization, and I soon had to wear a Diaper every day, under my female clothes.

When the Diapers started to become a daily thing, I hated it, I fought against wearing Diapers, but that only made Mistress Jade more determined that I would wear Diapers more and more.


Eventually Mistress Jade bought some Diapers and plastic pants that could be locked on to me with chains and padlocks. Now all thought about not wearing Diapers have gone, I have no choice in this now.


Mistress Jade was determined that I was to become her Feminized Sissy Baby Slave, and she always gets her way. So now I have accepted that I will be kept in female clothes, and in Diapers permanently, and for the rest of my life I will live as her Feminized Sissy Baby Slave.

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Montykins wrote sissybabylaura
Hello, I would love to meet you some time for some nappy fun Laura, if Mistress Jade would permit it, of course!
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