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Firm handed Ma'am sought by white bottom boy.

I am not diaper oriented, but there is basically no other place to search for Mommy Domme type women!

My orientation is much more younger-middle. I have only come to understand this rather late in life. But from my earliest stirrings, I spent my private life longing to be "married" to various schoolteachers, neighbor ladies, or sitcom moms who spent have the time praising me for pleasing her and half the time spanking the daylights out of me for wanting to see her in her underwear.

I grew up being drawn to impressive women of strong character but with a maternal aura. But my inner Huck Finn always avoided them, as they were so emasculating in their power to make me tongue-tied and weak-kneed. 

Not long ago I read an article about prostate health, which mentioned a little "wink wink" comment about prostate massage leading to sexual climax with an intensity most men never knew possible. Intrigued, I did some research and accidentally fell down the Femdom rabbit hole I previously knew little to nothing about. 

So much more made sense about my true orientation and why, until this very day, I am unable to see a photo of an impressive lady in underwear or a state of undress without my mind's eye placing am oval wooden hairbrush in her hand and placing near her a boy she cares for deeply, who is standing with his face to the wall, his hands on his head, and his bare bottom paddled read as a beet.

And even though is always around 10 years of age, in every case HE IS ME.

And I am hoping to find the She who must be obeyed who wants such a lad in her life.

I do have some experience, with lifestyle dommes, and enough to know how much I regress, and how boyish I am in general beyond what I ever realized.



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