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i finally have my very own mommy now.. her name is Anniebellenfant and she is the best mommy i could have ever wished for. is not even kiddin.. she is kind.. loving. caring. gentle.  someday we both hope to meet each other. but till then im a happy baby..

so yes as of now. im only lookin for friends and people to chat wit on here. thank you for understanding..

mommy annie, your baby boy daniel lubs you verry much. you mean the world to me:


kind. caring. love humour. thoughtful of others. puts others first. likes reading. likes video games. movies. music.         

I am Incontinent

 my alternate email is: [email protected]. i made it back when used to go on a virtual world platform called secondlife. i still use that email as well.

also just to make this public. im uk and while i love talking to mommies an daddies in the united states. to make international phones or texts.. costs alot.. so im sorry to all united states mommies an daddies..but i wont be texting or phoning via my phone. i ams happy to text you on this site and talk with you. but please don't ask me to text or phone an international phone number.. thank you in advance. 


also please if you are a mommy. dont contact me if your only intention is to try and scam me for money. thank you in advance.

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6 days ago
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im sorry to hear about what you have experienced thus far. but dont lose hope. there are good people on here, although i must admit i have also been victim to this myself. . thanks for sharing this.

I am here today to talk to you about an extremely large number of members that are creating fake profiles and luring unsuspecting members into their convincing and yet highly illegal activities. I am bringing this to everyone’s attention, and I am going to
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ok so i though it was about time that i do one of these things called a blog, this is my first time evers doing anythin like this so im not sure wat everbody will think, but i thought i would do one and explain/talk about how i am as person. which in turn
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