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I have always been attracted to nappies & rubber/plastic pants. I now wear terries and rubbers 24/7. Like many others this has always been a solitary thing but I would really like to find another ( M/F) to enjoy this activity with. I would like tohold and go to nappy parties.

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denappy wrote BigBabyJohn
Hi it looks like we have a lot in common. I am in Plymouth too and have always loved wearing and wetting my nappies and plastic pants for enjoyment and wear as often as I can and I would love to get to know you better to share our experiences. I have lots of things I could tell you about which I am sure you will like. I also love wearing plastic pants on their own and love the soft texture and crinkly sound they make. I would love to hear from you and please be assured I am very discrete and understanding... see more so please don’t be shy. I would love to know how you got started wearing them and how often you wear. Does anyone else know about them and do you wear them when out and about like I do. You can contact me through DM or e.mail me privately at [email protected]
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