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I'm a very shy baby you will have to put my diapers on me without asking but, not by force I'm willing but, just very shy about it. I am a baby looking for a permanent mommy to take care of me 24/7 and change me and keep in diapers all the time. I don't wanna work anymore I wanna be a baby for life. but, I know in reality I have to go to work so I will work if you need me to. I want to be breastfeed with real mommy milk and played with. Have lots of fun with mommy. I only pee in my diaper. But, I will poop in it if you want me too. I like heavy metal music, videos game, science, cartoons. I smoke the giggle bush it helps with my anxiety. If you want to know more just ask me. I know how to fix computers, so yeah I'm a nerd. But, I'm great in bed. Just a FYI I'm into mommies only! Sorry no dudes. Mommy please find me. My last mommy didn't take care of me so I am in search of a new mommy. I'm very lonely baby. 

I am not looking for pay to play! I want a real mommy! 

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15 days ago
BigbabyBlue420 commented on a blog post

Thank you for your kind words. 

I stand or even sit. I'm Alone for the first time in my life. No more wife no more girlfriend to love. My life has taken a different turn. The loneliness creeps in. I'll have to work harder this time to get back on my feet. To walk off the hurt inside me.
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20 days ago
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21 days ago
BigbabyBlue420 commented on a photo

Hello mommy you still looking for a baby to take care of. Well I'm still looking for a mommy. But, I need a real mommy. Not a pay to play one. Will you be my mommy? 

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BigbabyBlue420 commented on a photo

 Hi. I'm in Parma. Read my bio

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