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Hello there, I'm a daddy from WV with mostly online experience at the moment, but looking to meet someone in real life to start a relationship with eventually. I'm 29 and live on my own. I work a flexible job at the moment. I am 5'11" and a bit chubby, mostly in my mid section but am working on losing weight. My vanilla hobbies include gaming, traveling, listening to podcasts and music, and hanging with friends.

I've been into ABDL for years and a few years ago I started looking on here and other kink-oriented sites to find someone into diapers and would like a daddy to keep them diapered. I would love to find someone that would like to be diapered full time, but I know that's not always feasible. I am an easy going guy, but I apologize for any awkwardness as I am still fairly new to the online dating world and dating in general. I'd like to find someone here in the US or Canada (just so the time zone difference isn't anything too crazy) but I am open to anyone overseas as well.

A few other misc things:

  • Preferable age range: 24-30ish

  • Not interested in anything poly

  • Not interested in having kids

  • Any women are fine - cis/trans

I hope to hear back from any that find this interesting - feel free to message me - no judgment! Serious inquiries only please.

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I'm a daddy from the east coast of the usa looking to chat with and get to know a girl that's into abdl
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