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Hello, my name is Pixie. Looking to submit, my only hard limits are nothing illegal or dangerous. Nothing requiring me to stand unaided or for more than a very brief period and no breath play as am asthmatic. Apart from that anything else is open to discussion.


Before we start, 1. I don't cyber. 2. I don't do online. 3. I can't cam. 4. I live with my parents so I can't accommodate or dress 24/7. 5. I am physically disabled with Cerebral palsy. I can't stand or walk without crutches and even with only for a very short time, so if a person in a wheelchair freaks you out then walk away and don't even bother reading any further. I am not wheelchair bound though and more than comfortable on the floor.


I am looking for real-time with real people in the south east. I am a single & unowned sissy that loves to submit, who is looking to be owned long term & wanting to be collared. I love bondage & restraints, CP, verbal humiliation, feminisation & I long to serve & please. I am happy to serve couples, groups & women. I am very keen to learn what you like & to be the best I can be for you.


I am not looking for one-offs, but if the right person came along I would not refuse it. I am looking for play partners for regular meets and sessions. So my preference is long term but am prepared to look short term to achieve this.


I have a wide variety of looks and an extensive wardrobe, including Adult baby but dress to please as for me its all about submitting. I have a lot to give & I am looking for someone looking to take me further. I am also looking for other sissy's to go to clubs, increase my social circle and become friends with.


I should tell you I don't suffer fools gladly.




I am single and not in any relationships at the moment. I am looking for regular meets, where I will be challenged and taken out of my comfort zone. I would say I have potential to be a good slave but potential is never realised unless it is given a chance to develop. For me it is more about the mental aspect than the physical. 


I am not able to accommodate though can drive, this does limit the distance I can travel so am primarily looking for someone in Kent or the surrounding areas. Yes I use a wheelchair when out but am not wheelchair bound as can get out and am more than comfortable on my knees which is where all slaves should be. Deprive me of usage of my hands and I am helpless.


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