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I'm trans, MTF. I'm only into men or mommies. I just play videogames mainly, PC only though. I play a lot of different games (gears tactics and gta vice city are the two I play atm) but boredom comes to me fast.I have more of a preference for games made after 1990, my nostalgia of classic/retro games come mostly from SNES and NES games.
Black humor and well done sarcasm are probably my favorite forms of comedy.
In the right light, any thing can be made fun of.
I love shows like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Trailer Park Boys for example. But I also love scifi, dystopians, fantasy, and horror. I'm not going to list every show/movie I like because those broad terms do the job well enough.
I greatly enjoy hip-hop, rap, and some alt rock. Though I'll listen to anything I end up liking.
I work as a lazy IT guy.

Kik (dyingishard)

Discord (something#2094)

Feel free to message me on those :)

Ignore the randomly named images. I'm too lazy to properly title them haha.

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