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Hiya!!!! Omg I typed up my blog and then when I went to take the pic it logged me out. Now I has to type it all up again. BOO! Sooo today I put another ceiling fan up. Soon I will have replaced all of them in my friends(soon to be my) landlords house. This
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Hiya!!! Today I watched alot of YouTube with my friend. I also chatted online it was nice! I managed to drop my phone and it quit working... It took me like two hours to figure out it knocked my battery loose but I got it working now. Soooo not much to put
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I am going to write here a Dictionary of words that I personally use in Text and Speech when communicating when being Baby me. I wanted to do this so that it may be clear to understand my page when using these terms in my postings as well as add a little f
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Hiya! I had a bad dream so I woke up to a really saggy padding. Blargh nightmares suck!!!  I cleaned the stove here an oh man did it need it. After that I watched some cartoons on youtube. I think it was called helluva boss. Then my friends landlord gave m
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Hiya!!! So today was a good day. First off I got a text from my half sister who I have not seen since she was three she is seventeen now. We talked for like 2 hours she is wanting to get to know her half siblings(we both agreed that there is no half she is
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HIYA!! Another uneventful day, I put up a new window blind for a friend and then played some skyrim. In skyrim I am trying to complete the thieves guild quests I just became a nighten gale so I am almost able to fix up the guild.  Hopefully tomorrow will b
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Drako's Art Contest - May 2021   The latest winner is: After the Workout - by Drako Swiftclaw -   Now for this month:   Nomination Theme: Underwear   Voting Theme: Bulge  
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Hiya!! Welp today I lost my phone charger... I noticed when my phone died like completely I was playing idle apocalypse when it happened. I found it when we went to chipotle to get some eats it had fallen out of my pocket yesterday when we were on the road
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She doesn't care that you've kept her up at night with your fidgets, twitches and cries. She doesn't care that the really long night has given you both puffy and tired looking eyes. She doesn't care that when she decides to get up that she's just stood on
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Hiya!! Today I went on a road trip to go see my aunt and uncle who I have not seen in like a bagillian years. It was nice they have a new puppy which they have not named yet and she is sooo cute!! We played some card games, I really suck at phase ten. We a
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