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“What the hell is this” my mom asked holding up a pair of damp shorts that she had found under my bed.  I said “I don’t know” with a panicked look on my face.  Then she yelled t me to go to my room.  She followed me saying that they smelled like pee and to be prepared.  I was told not to come out of my room until she came and got me.

She came back in a few hours later and said” if you want to wet your pant then so be it.  You’ll get what you want” and told me to follow her to her room.  She sat me down on the bed and showed me a box of diapers and other things.  She told me that I wasn’t going to be grounded other than that I would have to wear diapers until the box was gone.

She then laid down the rules:

1.       I was to be diapered 24/7 until they were all gone (except bath time)

2.       I was not to take my diaper off myself for any reason

3.       Unless I went #2, I was not allowed to ask to be changed.  I would be changed on a schedule and checked periodically.

4.       Once the box was gone, I would get my regular underwear back, but they had to stay dry or else.


She told me to lie back on the bed and to raise my bottom.  She took off my pants and undies before she slid a diaper underneath.  Then she sprinkled powder all over my diaper area and pulled up the front.  The top came up close to my belly button and she then taped up the sides nice and tight.  She had me get up off the bed and then checked the fit, I hadn’t worn a diaper since I was 4 or 5 but it felt somehow comforting to me now.  She said that it seemed to fit perfect and told me to put my pants back on and go outside while she made dinner.

My pants fit little bit tighter, but they weren’t uncomfortable.  I went out to the back yard and every step or movement was a new sensation.  It was about an hour later when my mom called me in for dinner.  I hadn’t used the diaper yet, but the need was starting to grow while we ate.  I couldn’t just “go” sitting there at the table, could I?  I decided to try and hold it until after dinner.  One of my chores was to be the dishes every evening and even though I was trying to wait until I got to my room, as soon as I heard the water running and my hands got wet, I couldn’t hold it back any longer.

I just stood there and peed.  The feeling was amazing, the relief of pressure, the warmth spreading, and the naughty feeling it gave me. I just sat there for a few minutes contemplating what I had done, all the new feelings and emotions it gave me.  I quickly finished washing the dishes and went to my room.  Walking in the wet diaper was now totally different than it was when it was dry.  It was thicker and a little more difficult to walk.  I sat down in my chair, and I could feel the gel squish around before it all got soaked up into the material.

I went out to the living room and sat down on the couch to watch tv for a while.  My mom noticed how I was sitting and could see the extra bulk from the wet diaper.  “I see you’ve already wet yourself” she said.  “Well, you won’t be getting a fresh one until after your bath”.  I blushed and tried to hide myself under the pillows on the couch.  At about 9pm she told me to go and get ready for bath time.  I was glad because the diaper was getting cold and wasn’t comfy anymore.  She told me to make sure to scrub my diaper area well so that I didn’t get a rash.

When I was all clean, she told me to wrap up in a towel and go to her room again.  She had already laid out the diaper for me and had me get on the bed so she could put it on me. This time instead of powder she put a cream on me and what looked like a little diaper in the middle of the regular one.  Then she pulled it up and taped it tight.  Then I was told to hop off the bed and my mom got some plastic pants out and had me put them on.  I was told that this way I wouldn’t leak and get the bed wet.  “Now go get your regular pajamas on and you can watch tv till 11”. 

It was difficult to walk normally so it looked more like a waddle as I went down the hall to get my pj’s on.  I went and sat on the couch again and at about 10:30 I had to pee again.  It was hard to pee sitting there and I had to raise myself up and concentrate to get it started.  I could feel the warmth spreading like before although more of it was going to the back because I was sitting down.  At 11 mom said it was time for bed and sent me to my room.  I laid there drifting off to sleep trying to process the days emotions.

At 3 in the morning, I woke up needing to pee and started to get up but then felt the diaper on and laid back down.  I stared at the ceiling and wet my diaper.  I could feel the pee trickling around the sides and through the middle as I fell back to sleep.

At 7:30 my mom came in to wake me up.  I stretched and got out of bed.  The diaper was quite heavy from 2 wetting and was sagging between my legs.  Mom had made breakfast and said she would change me after I ate.  I had to poop and figured that I had better do if before or she would get mad.  I finished my breakfast and then stood there looking out the back door and pooped in my diaper (eeewwwww).  I didn’t like it, but it was part of the deal.  I also peed when I was pushing it out and now the diaper was really sagging.

Mom thanked me for doing it before and made a comment about needing to do something about the sagging.  I took a quick shower and mom put me in a fresh, clean diaper.  I went to my room and got dressed and went to watch Saturday morning tv.  She told me that lunch was in the refrigerator and that she was going shopping.  I was getting used to having the diaper on already and forgot I even had it on.  The need to pee arose and I got up to go to the bathroom before I realized that I didn’t need to get up.  I sat back down and relaxed until it started flowing.  Soon a forgot I was diapered again and before I knew it, it was lunch time.  I warmed up my lunch in the microwave and wet again.  I didn’t even have to try that hard this time.  I noticed that it also warmed up my already wet diaper and made it nice and comfy again. 

Mom got home at around 2 and I had wet a 3rd time so when she checked me, she said “I’m glad I got home when I did, you might have leaked if you wet anymore”.  She told me to go get ready for a change, so I went to her room.  A few minutes later she comes in with some bags and then gets one of my diapers out of the closet.  She powders and diapers me like she has been but then tells me to wait before I put my clothes back on.  “I have some things for you to try” she said. 

First, she pulled out some new pants.  She said, “these are a size bigger than you wear now so they have extra room”.  What she said and the way she said it sounded like she expected me to fail after my punishment was over.  Then she pulled out some shirts.  They looked like normal shirts until you got to the bottom. They were V shaped and had snaps in the middle, they were onesies.  Mom said that they would help keep my diapers in place between changes.  The last thing she pulled out was 2 pair of new pajamas.  They were one piece with a zipper up the back.  One was footed and one was not.

She wanted me to put on some of the new pants and shirt so I could go out with her to run errands.  I hadn’t though too much about wearing the diapers out and about in public but I though that at least I would be with my mom.  The pants fit fine, and the shirt was a bit snug through the crotch but then I kind of was supposed to be.  So first when we left the house, we went to get some tea at the drive through before stopping by the bank.  Then we went to the dollar store to get some birthday decorations for a cousin.  I didn’t really need to pee that much yet, but I did at the dollar store.

Then we went grocery shopping, and the store was super busy.  The tea was really running through me, and I was glad I was diapered.  It seemed like I was peeing every 10 minutes or so.  By the time we were done there though I hadn’t felt like I was peeing for the las 30 min., but I was!  When we left the store, we went to a park on the edge of town where my cousin was having a party.  I was so used to the diaper that I forgot I had it on and the “onesie “kept me from telling how wet it was.  My cousin was turning 4 so it was just a bunch of little kids, so I kept to myself.  I grabbed a coke from the cooler and went for a walk.  I spent most of my time on the swings just sitting there.   It was nearly dark when mom called me over to help pack up.  Once everything was loaded, we drove home.  As we were driving, I thought that I haven’t needed to pee since the store and wondered why.

 I found out when we got home, and mom started yelling at me for not asking for a change.  I asked what was going on and she pointed out the 2 crescent moon shaped wet spots on the seat of my new pants.  Apparently, I had been wetting them without noticing all evening.  I told my mom I was sorry, and she said that if it happened again, I would have to wear the plastic pants during the day.  I went into the bathroom to take a bath and saw in the mirror, I wondered if anyone else saw it.

After my bath it was the same routine as the night before.  Diaper with a doubler in it and plastic pants.  Then she put me in my new pajamas with the zipper in the back.  I asked how I would take it off and she said I wouldn’t need to and reminded me to let her know if I was going to leak.  I went to the living room and put on a movie and got comfortable.  About 30 minutes into the movie, I felt a slight need to pee, but it quickly left and I though nothing of it until the spreading warmth told me what happened.  I had wet myself without even trying or giving it though.  In fact, I had barely just noticed the need when it happened.  Well at least I’m diapered, or mom would be mad again.  I

I “noticed” that I wet 2 more times during the movie was finished, though I’m not exactly sure.  Mom asked how my diaper was and I said a little wet so she said fine and told me I could watch another movie before bed.  I got a coke and settled in for the next movie. I must have fallen asleep because my mom woke me up and told me to go get in bed, so I sleepily went to my room and fell asleep.

I woke up at 8 the next morning and when I got out of bed my diaper was super heavy.  If it hadn’t been for the zip up PJ’s, it would have fallen off.  I told my mom and she checked me and said she was glad I had plastic pants on and said she would change me after breakfast again.  Of course, I had to poop so I did while we were eating.  Then she took off mu pj’s and told me to go shower.

It was Sunday so after my shower I was diapered, and we got ready for church.  I was so used to the diaper now that I really didn’t notice it at all unless I reached down and felt it.  I also had been using them so much that id it was already a little wet that I wouldn’t realize I was peeing until it was over.  So, I ended up wetting like 5- or 6-times during church.  Thankfully I was wetting more often but in less amounts each time so there weren’t any leaks.  Mom changed me after lunch, and I spent the rest of the day playing outside.

This routine went on for nearly 3 weeks before the box of diapers ran out.  By this time, I didn’t even try to hold it if I even noticed it at all.  Usually, I would just feel the diaper getting warm and know that I had wet.  Mom asked if I wanted to go back to regular underwear and I told her that I did so she said that in the morning I could put on my regular clothes after my morning change and that I had 3 trikes before I was back in diapers. 

I spent the rest of the day and evening trying to hold it if I could.  It wasn’t going well though.  It seemed like I could do kind of ok while I concentrated on not peeing but as soon as I got distracted it would come out.  So, I was nervous about the next day and didn’t sleep much.  I woke up, soaked as usual and ate breakfast before my shower.  After, I went to my room and got dressed for the day and went out in in back yard to do my chores.  Mom was checking on me a lot because she didn’t trust me not to wet. 

Well, my first strike didn’t take long.  Within an hour I had already wet my pants.  My second strike came while I was eating lunch.  I was sitting at the table and felt the need but before I could react it started.  I jumped up to run to the bathroom, but it was too late.  My 3rd strike came that evening after dinner.  We were watching tv and I sat there and wet on the couch before I realized I wasn’t diapered.




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