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About fetishes...

So obviously everyone on here has a weeee bit of a fetish. The site as it is, either you're into watersports, ageplay, diapers, ddlg, etc etc etc....  I just want to take a moment to remind people that, no matter what your fetish is, or what ever your bundle of fetishes might be even if it's a whole damn sack of fetishes and kinks..... you are more than that, and the other users on this site are as well. It's one thing to find someone that has the same flavor kink as you, but if that's all you have in common, then conversations will be bleak at best unless you yourself are so single minded all you can think about is what others are or aren't wearing, or if they are or aren't being fully used.


We are all people, we have MANY facets to each of us. Remember that when you contact others. Just some food for thought. Fetishes are great, they're awesome, they're fun, but they aren't a be all end all.

liljester 03.10.2020 0 517
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03.10.2020 (435 days ago)
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