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Can you See Me for Me?

I want to tell you my story and show you exactly who I am
but this is extremely difficult because I am supposed to be a “Man!”.

It is difficult because my story is greatly complicated at best
and I have certainly lived a life that’s full of difficult, challenging tests.

I understand that people had and have a life much crueller than mine
so please do not sympathize over me because compared… I’m just fine.

There’s a lot that I am not willing to post and tell people through chat sites
but if there are things you wish to know, then message me… I don’t bite!

I will tell you about my wearing as I keep getting this a lot
and it all started when I was young, but much older than a Tot.

In my Teens, I started leaking just randomly at night
and from that first it just got worse with no end in sight.

We tried every possible prevention for Weeks, even Months
but all of them just failed so badly, we were left with one last stunt.

Off to the Doctor I went for embarrassing Tests and Medication
which also did not work, so it only led to much more frustration.

Now as a Family we did not have much, especially in regard to money
so when this started hitting hard, my Family wasn’t happy Bunnies.

What could they do? They tried every tool to try to make it all go away
so the last ever decision was to end the long mission, and that’s when Diapers turned up one day.

Now I had a cruel, destructive Family where support was next to none
and they felt the constant Bullying was apparently much more fun.

This was received from Siblings, Parents, Grandparents and anyone who was around
so I really could not escape the brutal torments and being put down.

So, this is how things started having Diapers be a part of me
and the feelings for all the “Little” things came much later in my Teens.

I was consumed by all the “Little” thoughts throughout the Weeks, Months and Years
especially when I was faced with a lot of triggers from certain fears.

I’m not your everyday person because of my upbringing being surprisingly rough
and a Child of my time should’ve been raised with Care and much more Love.

From an extremely young age just only a child, I had to be self-dependant
because I never really had anyone around that was a great supporting Parent.

I was mocked, teased and broken by everyone with everything I did
so it has been extremely difficult to trust anyone, especially being a broken Kid.

I have much more to my story and believe me I wish I could cover it more
but I am sure everyone has probably read many of these stories a billion times before.

I have been searching for someone special who can take all this onboard
as all those who I’ve shared my life with, has failed to notice the emotional Doors.

It’s made me Anxious and Nervous to show my “Little” side
especially when I’m there in person because I am afraid of the fears I can’t hide.

Now although this has been a challenge because it’s made me extremely Shy
I just want to try and show people that I’m a really great Guy inside.

All I want is to show everyone the Love and Care that I can freely give
especially when others can show me the same whilst also being respective.

This leads me to saying something Important that I strongly need to address
as it has been a very common problem on this site and many of the rest.

I am an honest person in general and will share pretty much everything
but please understand that my Diapers are private and a very personal thing.

I have been asked numerous of times about their status whether they are Wet, Messy or Dry
but I am not willing to acknowledge these questions, especially when they’re from Guys.

It just makes me extremely uncomfortable to where it sets off my many Anxieties
so it’s difficult for me to share anything personal about these.

I am confident enough to speak to you men as a Guy and as a new Friend
but I just have to let you all know that my “Little” is not for Men.

So, there you have it a brief introduction as good as I feel it can be
and so here’s the big questions:
Can you see past the reflections, and Can you See Me for Me?


If you wish to know more, would like to get to know me or just want to have a Chat with a Down to Earth, Friendly, Open Minded and kind of person then please feel free to get in touch.

All is welcome in my world, no matter how big or small… Well… “Big” or “Little” but that is not how the saying goes now is it?

Stay Safe!… Stay Well!… Stay Positive!

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  •  Lil_Angel_Stewie: 

    Thank you Diaperedcop as I really appreciate that very much.
    **Double Thumbs Up**

    Stay Safe!... Stay Well!!... Stay Positive!

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  •  Diaperedcop: 

    Great insight into life sorry it’s been difficult but yes it is possible to see you for you and grow you strong

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