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Doctor suggests Diapers for the summer

Way back in 1969 or 1970 in the days of cloth diapers and plastic pants. 

I was 7 or 8 years old. My mother took me to the Pediatrician for a physical. I had been a bedwetter my whole live and still wet the bed all most every night,

I also wet my pants often. After the Doctor examined me, we talked about my lack of bladder control.

I remember clearly the Doctor suggesting "summer is coming soon this would be a good time to put Chris back in Diapers full time for 4 or more weeks."

"He went on to say once Chris has lost what little control he has over his bladder, then can try to re-potty train him"

Well this suggesting did not upset me as much as you would expect. as I was already a diaper lover, of course I thought I was the only one in the would that wanted

to wear diapers past the age of 3.

I remember the car ride home thinking how nice it would be to have diapers on me. Unfortunately my parents did not take the doctors advice.

I was not put back in diapers full time. But my mother made me wear just plastic pants to bed every night for about the next year. This reduced the laundry, made bedwetting more unpleasant, and gave me strange dreams.

I wounder if being diapered and re-potty trained would have worked? Many other bedwetting "treatments" were tried on me as I continued to wet the bed until my teens.

I'd like if anyone went through anything like this?


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