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Forced Chastity?

How many of you babies have been placed in a chastity device for being naughty? How many of you would want to be?

BbMommy 06.15.2017 5 1389
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  •  yabiwdapp: 

    I have by a mommy long time ago and love it, wish I could find a mommy that would keep me in chastity for sometime. 

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  •  abmelissa: 

    ooh my i wish i ws mommy so much

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  •  babyjosh1337: 

    I found my mommy on this site and we do chastity + diapers all the time. Babys shouldn't be getting nasty big boy errections

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  •  diapersissy: 

    My wife/mommie has been controlling my clitty for years with a variety of cages. It all started out so innocently at the suggestion from a GF of hers. A normal 'session' to be locked up is about 2 weeks altho it has been over a month. It's quite a long story and maybe I will take the time to let it all unfold at some point.

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  •  Jrock79: 

    that would be mommies choice

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06.15.2017 (1464 days ago)
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