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Have you ever wondered why you are a abdl and the reason why?


Hi there:   Have you ever asked this question to yourself many times, i know i have/ Iv asked myself this same question over and over again when i was growing up. am i a freak,weirdo,strange, right in the head those are all the thoughts that gone through my mind and was hoping to find the answer.  As i grew older i would stop being who i am and pushed harder and it would work only for awhile then i would get the arge to wear diapers again, i didnt know what was going on and didnt understand it at the time. i started to worry if anyone knew about this would they still like me and love me for me. I tryed soo hard not to wear diapers and the more i fought the more it would hit harder. I was lost i didnt know what to do my parents thought it was weird and thought there was something wrong with me and for a time i thought that too so they wanted me to see a shrink about it but i didnt agree i thought i was fine so we left it at that and i started not to wear again. But i knew the arge would still be there inside me so i snuck around behind my parents backs and still wore diapers, i couldnt help it it was inside me. As i grew older and older i kept hiding and hiding my secret until i had enought and knew it was time to let it out so i took a few friends of mine that are close to me and told them about my little secret, i was scared at first i didnt think they would understand but luckly and thankfully they understood and was ok with it and told me it was ok i  wasnt hurting anyone and as long as it made me happy then it would make them happy. But i was worried what if i was the only one who does this so i told them that so they gave me the best advice anyone could give me they told me to keep being myself and look into what and who i was, i was like woow yea they are right i am not hurting anyone and it makes me happy wearing diapers so after i had that talk with them i desided to look into it and to my surprise I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE i was so happy and excited i couldnt believe my eyes i was sooo happy. i desided there and then i will accept who i am and it was ok to be me.

If you are having the same problem as i did then i am here to say it is ok to be diffrent not everyone has to be the same or this world would be a crapy world, It is ok to special all you have to do is accept that part of you for who you are. it took me years and years to frigure it out on my own and this is why i am here to help other littles like me that like to wear diapers it is ok to be you, i wear diapers and i can also be a adult so both worlds can be ok with each other, i am not hurting anyone or niether are you so if you want to wear then go ahead it is ok you are not hurting anyone and it makes you happy, this is what this world is about isnt it we do what makes us happy, as long as you arent hurting anyone then there is no harm in being yourself.   So live life to the fullest and enjoy life. It took me years to finally enjoy life so i hope this helps whoever has troble accepting who you are.

I dont know the reason why i am who i am but i know this that it makes me happy to be myself and not worry about what other people think of me, i am me and thats what makes me happy.


thank you for reading and hope you guys are doing good.

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  •  KentishBaby: 

    I have no answers but I have wondered since I was first aware and that was when I was about 14! I was shocked and still am which is why I have never confided in anyone! I am submissive and my wife is the dominant but no way would she like my fetish! So it will remain a secret!

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  •  Unicouche: 

    I’ve always wondered why I’m so weird. I mean let’s face it why is a grown man wanting to wear diapers? It’s not normal and most people say the same but there is something about when I wear a diaper it makes me feel safe and allows me to let my guards down a little. I’ve wanted to meet others like me and it’s def not easy. 

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  •  Sissiypatty: 

    I sooo agree, thanks for your thoughts. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.


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  •  Anonymous: 

    Yes, my friend, I think about it a lot. I have a theory, but that's all it amounts to. When I was little (when all of our developmental psychology is formed) my mom paid more attention to my older brother because of various reasons. I didn't like that so I learned to express myself toward inanimate objects like diapers and baby clothing, blankies, pacifiers, all things baby. As a male growing up it wasn't normal to show an interest in being a baby so I repressed those desires until I was on my own. Several years later I discovered there was a whole world of people who loved diapers and baby things on an adult level. I was so happy to find the ABDL community which they didn't really call it that until well after I started going online to look for other people with a "diaper fetish." So that's my story. What do you think of it?

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  •  mariovett: 

    I never knew how I became an ABDL but I know I felt the same way before 

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