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Welp today I lost my phone charger... I noticed when my phone died like completely I was playing idle apocalypse when it happened. I found it when we went to chipotle to get some eats it had fallen out of my pocket yesterday when we were on the road trip.i did start charging it till about 6. I started to play halo 3 with the famon(sp?) And mythic skull active OMG soon freaking hard even tho it was set only to normal difficulty. I did manage to beat the campaign tho.

Early to day I fixed the fence for my friend the wind had blown a part loose. All I did was remove the nails and pot some screws in. I don't know why they didn't just use screws in the first place. Then I helped put the screens back on the windows of the house. Their ac is out do they needed the windows open to cool the house.

That's all I did today not very exciting. I'm padded now and has a movie playing, gonna fall asleep to super hero movie.... It already looks so stupid.


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05.04.2021 (2 days ago)
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