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Lactating Mommies

So any Mommies out there that are breast feeding their littles?

I have heard that there is medication to bring on lactation, anyone using medication?

Does this have any major effect on you besides milk production?

I have a babysitter who has offered to go on meds, but I dont want to adversly affect her life. (Not totally true, I want milkies????????????)

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  •  Clyst123: 

    Thank you Motherly, not prepared to put someone at risk to satisfy my desires...

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  •  Motherly: 

    There is no magical medication that will cause full lactation.

    A woman could go on the yasmin birth control for a few months (preferably 6-9) and skip the sugar pill week. Not all women can take birth control pills though since they’re linked to blood clots and stroke. This is preferably combined with taking 40mg-80mg domperidone, which is banned in multiple countries and is an antiemetic that has a potential side effect of helping lactation (but also won’t induce lactation on its own). Domperidone may cause serious heart conditions though and that’s why it’s banned in the U.S. Nearing the end of this course the woman begins to pump every 2-3 hours for 15-20 minutes at a time. She may also wear a TENS unit by her nipples and stimulate for up to 20 minutes every hour. After the 6-9 months the woman abruptly stops the yasmin, basically attempting to replicate the hormonal changes of having given birth.

    Once milk begins to be produced then it’s crucial a schedule is followed or it will dry up relatively fast or she will under produce, only making a few droplets.

    Some herbs could help too, by the way. Fenugreek and blessed thistle are often used once lactation begins in effort to try to boost supply. Herbs are not going to induce lactation on their own either though, and they can have negative effects on the body as well. As an example, I once took fenugreek to try to increase my supply but it made me smell sickly sweet (like funky maple syrup) and actually tanked my supply so I had to recover it through extra pumping.

    Stimulation (pumping, suckling, massaging) can produce milk but typically in extremely low quantities. It typically takes a huge amount of stimulation on its own.

    Anyway, it’d take many months to even begin producing milk. It isn’t unachievable but it’s a lot of work, likely results in a much smaller supply than desired, and could come with health risks if above methods are paired with stimulation.

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