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Mommies looking for a baby boy

Hi  Mommy Me dream of being just like your baby you have dreamed for and does mommy want a young baby or a older baby to care for as I have favorite baby foods and snacks I like eating Heinz baby foods and Cow and Gate First Milk Formula that I like drinking from a baby bottle. Mommy the only medical issues I have is that I'm in nappies 24/7 , I have some memory loss and deaf in my right ear and have a hole in my heart for birth. I am a orphan that never got a family as from a problem that I couldn't grow out of wearing nappies and they kept me on the baby and children ward and kept me as a baby until I was 18. Then I was put in hospital for couple months on a special care ward but kept in nappies and they started to feed me baby foods and snacks and bottle feed me also and then put in a home for special young children that needs extra help, At that point I was a adult and they never saw that by looking at me and all the saw was a baby boy that needs a chance to grow up or end up in a hospital for the rest of my live. At the age of 20 I tried to grow out of being a baby so that I can live on my own and do things for myself, it took a long time to do and from 28 they let me go .When I got my own place I started to buy things and I put myself back into nappies as they are a part of my living and I do mess and wet them like a baby and out in public also. I have some baby clothes, crib, high chair, and a stroller for mommy to go out with baby where ever mommy goes. Would mommy keep me with her all the time 24/7 as her real natural baby and do all for me by having Full Control over me and having all the Power and Rights also as little babies don't have as they are helpless and mothers do all for their helpless babies. I do like baby blue and yellow as lite baby yellow is calming color for any babies as I don't have a favorite color ..Would mommy like to adopt me as her true baby ? But what age baby is mommy looking for ?  Would mommy show baby of to family and friends and also letting them handle me as a natural baby ? I don't care if mommy takes me out with her at all as mommy has the Power to do so and other things mothers do to their babies? Plus would mommy like a Virgin baby boy that is only looking for a Mother and Baby relationship than having a sexual relationship and if mommy wants to try and breastfeed me, mommy will have to train baby to latch on like a new born to get the mother and baby bond, that mothers like to have with their baby. Plus I would do anything to find myself a real honest Mommy to have me as her real natural baby boy, { Mommies are thinking how } As this baby shall to travel to the Right mommy and if mommy like this baby and wants to keep him as a baby forever, baby shall hand over all his money to mommy to have and keep as her own money as babies don't use as they are to young to handle. So what says to all the mothers and mommies on here ? 

New born baby thomas at gmail dot com

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  •  SissyLindsey: 

    Just a suggestion, you may want to go back and change the color on this type.  I can barely make out any of the wording.  That color contrast just doesn’t work; either that or it is a new discovery of my color blindness ( I have a slight case). 

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