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Movies vs TV

First off, yeah I know hardly any of my content is ABDL related. lol But this is something that's been pestering me for a bit. Why is it, we all freak out over movies, and pay more for them than shows and hold movies generally on a higher scale than shows? Think about it. Why are movies better? I honestly want that explained to me. Don't get me wrong, I have a huge movie collection. Lots of DVD's and VHS.  Yes, you saw right, I still have VHS. ANd I love movies but I've come to realize that honestly, sometimes TV is better. I mean the acting to me, kind of equal. Effects? Also, now a days pretty much equal.  Same with sets and wardrobe. I mean, movies are only what an hour and a half long maybe 2 hours on average? Same run time as most shows. Most good shows are about an hour long per episode.


Lets look at some shows. DEXTER. Great series (in my opinion) lots of drama, action, sometimes a little comedy tossed in. Great acting, great effects, great storylines. Story.....LINES....plural.... It's not just a set A to B, there are multiple characters in the series that have their own sub storylines. Sure not part of the main one always, but hey you get more fully developed characters which to me helps with the story. You connect with them more.  Now lets compare it to something quazi-similar. SAW. First off, I love the saw series (for the most part) again great acting, effects, story........But people freak out more over saw than dexter cause saw was a franchise. Sure, it was a continuaing storyline but usually the films could be left as stand alones well, somewhat.  I just don't see how saw is better than dexter.


BREAKING BAD. Okay great character development, great series, effects, sets, etc. All awesome.



CARNIVAL ROW. Series currently on AMAZON which to me is amazing. Great creature effects, sets, acting, characters, etc etc etc. Compare to lets say lord of the rings. To e, they're equals. I can't hold one over the other, and I just noticed the irony I'm comparing orlando bloom to orlando bloom......But still, both are just flat out great. 





So, how is it, movies are a bigger deal than shows?



My biggest thing, is to me the shows are in a sense better because they allow better story development and character development. Shows, cram what you could take a season to set up into one sitting.



Just my thoughts. What are yours?

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  •  Philmydiaper: 

    My friend I love the TV shows but one thing that has always been my pet peeve are commercials !!! Movies don't have commercials.. I know DVR,, but you gotta sit there with a remote in your hand.

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