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My adorable, little baby boy!

 Awwww! My adorable, little baby boy! You are so sweet! I had the most amazing weekend and it was all because of you. First, you drew me a beautiful picture and I put it on the refrigerator door for everyone to see. Then, you stayed in your crib and let mommy sleep in. You didn’t cry at all. You just played with your stuffed animals and sucked on your paci. So thoughtful of you! You even tried to change your own diaper. I know. It didn’t turn out well and mommy had to fix it. But, I appreciate your effort and I never mind changing your diaper.

You made me so happy that I cuddled you all day long and soothed you with my voice. When you got hungry I breastfeed you. You love mommies big, soft breast and I let you have them to yourself all day long. When you got sleepy I gently placed you in your crib after reading you a story. I sang to you, planted a little kiss on your forehead, and covered you with your favorite blankie. For me, it was the most amazing weekend! And it was all because of you.

Lucy xx

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