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Props To You!

Stemming from a conversation with a new friend, time to reiterate the obvious, but not always put into words..

Seems as if current situations have put minorities and LGBTQ's under scrutiny. And even though we don't currently have any letters in that acronym, I feel our interests would likely get lumped into that category by a society that likes to put labels on everything. Remember, you're a unique individual with the freedom to be and express yourself based on your own desires and motivation. Always identify yourself as YOU, and only use a label to summarize your lifestyle if you’re comfortable with it.  

To stay on point, I want to thank you for having the courage to be yourself. Whether your bladder or your Mind puts you in a diaper, the end result is that some part of your makeup lands you in a nappy (or being a baby/mommy/daddy).  To me, there's little difference between one who must rely on a diaper due to incontinence and one who relies upon a diaper to satisfy a deep-rooted urge. That urge is relentless, if you're an ABDL, you cannot escape the fact that you must satisfy these urges, they simply cannot be shelved and forgotten without massive inner turmoil.

So that's our common ground. And the most important thing is to remember to support and share love for each other. Since I've been part of this site, I've not had one negative interaction, and I sincerely thank you for that, and your support! Also, that is the reason for this post, if you weren't such a great group of people this post would be pointless. I would like to encourage all of us to work (or continue to work) from the inside, and show as much compassion and support when the opportunity presents itself.

Someday when the inevitable spotlight shines on us, may we be too busy doing what we do and nurturing each other to notice it. My hope is that our example and actions say it all without a spokesperson. While others may be confused and apathetic, my wish is that we are seen as inspiring by the way we interact with each other. 

Remember, you're brave. It takes a lot of guts to admit to yourself that you want to be padded etc. And then to actually buy a pack of diapers put one on and even snap a picture to share, shows immense courage and loyalty to yourself! You're much stronger than the average person. There's so much to be said for allowing yourself to follow your passion rather than resisting it. Never look at yourself through the lens of society! Grade your own test and give yourself extra credit.

Now some of us are a like rock and not bothered by our interest. But remember others may be more fragile and need care. And if you're ever down on yourself and feeling bad, reach out, there are plenty who will help you through. And if you want, reach out to me. Be honest and sincere as I know you are. You're a rock star in diapers to me!

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