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Sissy Babies

I was wondering just how many of you babies out there absolutely love to dress up just as girly and as frilly as you can. Do you like to wear pastel onesies, suck on pink paci's, or go all out with dresses with fluffy petticoats? Let me know!

BbMommy 01.29.2018 9 1982
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  •  IAMBABY: 

    I'm not sure where I'd be. 

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  •  lilandypandy: 

    Hello BbMommy  I thought I would say hiya to you I am just one more little sissy princess girl . whom has so many little outfits of all colours all being so short you can see my frillie diaper panties that always Match .. from lilAndy

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  •  darntobe: 

    OMG where to start, my closet is absolutely filled with dresses and onsies. One side alone is filling up fast with petticoats. I love to go for the super girly and frilly dresses, but I also have more simple and functional dresses too. Although I love the really frilly dresses I love my simple dresses as well because they are easier to clean and I can be messy, I really hate to ruin a nice dress. Not only that but dresses make changes so much easier. I should really take a pic of my closet sometime. As far as colors go, they range from light pastels of pinks blues purples to the darker greens, just amazing how they all seem to work. :)

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    Hello mam

    I'm sissy baby freddy and I live in davison mich and I love to b in diapers and plastic pants and ruffled rhumba panties and bonnets and sissy baby clothes and dresses,.l I certainly pink anything and will wear whatever mommy wants me to and takes me outside,and see,s that I'm teased and made fun of and Regression and humiliation out in public dressed up in my favorite baby sissy dress,,

    Totally diapered ABDL 

    I'm baby freddy 

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  •  Akapol: 

    Hi, Mommy -- babies where what mommy picks out for them, right?  :)

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