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Unwanted baby

Would any mommies want to keep baby as their true baby and do all same things to baby and also take baby out in public dressed as a baby and left other mommies come over and baby your baby. Plus would mommy show off her baby to her friends and family and letting them treat me as your baby by letting them to feed me and change me if needed. All mommies have to do to have the unwanted baby is to be honest with him and you might have your own baby for a lifetime if you really want a baby.

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  •  BBWpup01: 
    I was about to say I never posted this so why does it say I did?
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  •  NappyBoy92: 
    This is a bug with the website, The original poster was removed from the site. Anyone viewing the blog posts will be displayed as the poster. Log off and you'll see it's not linked to anyone. The server hasn't been hacked, admin would need to make sure data associated with the account is also removed.
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  •  sissybabysamantha: 
    this is not by sissybabysamantha apparently the server has been hacked
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  •  Cuddleshy: 
    Has the server been hacked?
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  •  simplylazy: 
    me neither
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06.06.2016 (1839 days ago)
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