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ok so i though it was about time that i do one of these things called a blog, this is my first time evers doing anythin like this so im not sure wat everbody will think, but i thought i would do one and explain/talk about how i am as person. which in turn will help i hope people on dm to understand me better. ok say with tha out of the way here goes.

my real name is Daniel althoughs i prefer being called danny always habs done. i am from the united kingdom. and i am an adultbaby/little  have been most of my life although only just recently started to explore that part of myself. thanks to a friend that i know offline which suggested that he though it would be good for me to join a site like this. as my friend has known me since we were both at the same school and knows that i wear nappies. we both went to schools for people with special needs i.e learning difficulties and disabilites,  

i had severe reading an writing problems as well as severe hyperactivity and behavior problems.  and yes also had trouble with control over my toilet function  granted it was not as severe as wat it now is. but i had to wear nappies even back then 24/7 365 days a year. 

when i was 14 - 15 i became fully and completely incontinent with absolutely no urge sensations and no warnings whatsoever and that went for both #1 and #2 and i have been that way ever since.

i only recently joined  the abdl community so im relatively new to the whole community. but as you can see im very open and honest and truthful about who i am and what i am. i love making friends talking to people. helping them if i can and am able to help. i have a very big heart. 

hobby wise. i have many hobbies that i like and enjoy to do. such as gardening.. reading an drawing although in my eyes im very very bad at drawing pictures but i still try too.  i love anime cartoons. ooo and i love power rangers and paw patrol.  my real bio age is 33 as my profile shows. however my ab/little age is 2 .  normally im a very quiet person i tend to keep to myself as im not tha great at speaking to other people until ive known them for a while or feel close to them.  i also like riding my push bike as well..  when the time permits that is.  

however i will say this when it comes to being part of the abdl community. i am not a diaper lover/nappy lover at all. they dont arouse me at all.  

to me nappies calm me and soothe me and relax me and help me feel little. i dont always feel little all the time as there are times when i have  to be in my big mindset and gho about doing things that big/adults normally do. such as going to the shop or cookin etc.  


so please and this is not meant to be offensive or anythin. but please if you intend to speak with me about nappies or anything abdl related. please dont speak anythin of a sexual nature.. yes when im in my big mindset that is fine. again though i rarely do anythging of a sexual nature at all.  and wells i dont have any partner/girlfriend so i dont tend to do what some single men at times do which is masturbate. i very rarely do that and thats again me being 100% honest and truthful.  im not really tha sort of person. now if i had a girl/partner tha lived with. that would be different. but i dont. 


so yes i come on dm to make friends and chat with other people that wear nappies for one reason or another. and because i like to make friends.

sorry for the long blog i just needed to say a things, so tha anybody tha wishes to speak with me can understand me better.

and if you wish to know anythin else about me. feel free to text me on diapermates.. 

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