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I hate this time of year when Christmas comes around,It does nothing for me whatsoever other than makes me Angry and Sad with a Frown. It has been this way for the most part of my life, so it is not something that's new here, and I am positing this message
Lil_Angel_Stewie 11.15.2021 2 85

So, it's getting to be the end of the year and you know how it is with vacations at work. Use em or lose em. Well, decided for the month of November I wouldn't work any more Tuesdays or Wednesdays. That's all, just 2 days off a week, and I'll still have va
liljester 11.09.2021 2 118

I know this doesn’t count for DiaperMates but if you wish to reach out on other platforms then know this!!! I have some very serious Anxieties with Phone Calls and Cameras, so PLEASE do not call me!!!The photos you see of me out there are because I push my
Lil_Angel_Stewie 11.04.2021 0 114

Are there any real natural mothers out their just want a real natural baby relationship and nothing else, and be willing to treat your baby as you're baby and do all the same thing's to your baby. A mother that would never leave her baby and would take ful
Aorphanbaby 10.19.2021 0 122

So any Mommies out there that are breast feeding their littles? I have heard that there is medication to bring on lactation, anyone using medication? Does this have any major effect on you besides milk production? I have a babysitter who has offered to go
Clyst123 10.07.2021 2 269

Would you rather slide down a Slide or swing on a Swing? Would you rather play Football or Tennis? Would you rather be smart or incredibly funny? Would you rather ride a Horse or an Elephant? Would you rather have Oatmeal for breakfast or lunch? Would you
Lil_Angel_Stewie 10.06.2021 0 175

If you could be invisible for one day only, what would you do? Would you rather be as small as an Ant or as tall as a Giant? If you could visit one planet in the Universe, which one would it be? Do Unicorns really fart Rainbows? What’s the worst name you’v
Lil_Angel_Stewie 10.06.2021 0 104

  Who is your favourite character, and why? If you could pick any name for yourself, what would it be? What superhero powers would you want to have? What’s your favourite TV Show, and why is it the best? What are you thankful for? Are you excited about you
Lil_Angel_Stewie 10.06.2021 0 75

To all married or not married mommies that wants to own orphan baby boy as there property to treat as if he was there real natural baby from day one shall have a chance soon. He shall go to a beach with his stroller and a blanket to lay on in baby clothes
Aorphanbaby 09.28.2021 0 140

Just kidding, but my bnny is great. anyway anyone else have like 4 or more YouTube tabs open at the same time. depression has taken a break for now but could strike again at any moment so I'm sorry about that. I can't wait to move from this awful city. I l
Chykohusky 09.17.2021 0 129
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