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Well welcome, if you are one of my close friends you have known for a few?days this blog would be coming. I want to warn you that this is for adults/ABS/DLs and also,if you feel the inocence of the AB/DL community?has lost itself in my writing I warn you t
sarahsweets 02.04.2015 6 2016

Just because we are open doesn't mean we are here for you to spend your time BROWSING around.       We are designated as an ESSENTIAL SERVICE   We are not here for you because you have nothing else to do   We are not here for you because you feel like gett
jmac32here 04.05.2020 5 1090

I am getting really bored of being alone during this whole quarantined state lockdown thing. For some weird reason my desire to wear diapers has boosted during this time. If we all die tomorrow then I want to be able to have fun with a plucky diapered girl
Brad_Robinson 03.19.2020 5 682

I'm am looking for someone in the Phoenix or Tuscon Arizona area. I'm beginning to think I am the only one here. I just want to hang out with another ABDL
Justwantadiaper 02.18.2020 5 837

Ok, so I'm an adult Baby.  I'm also an adult.  I'm a SciFi fanatic, software engineer, vr enthusiast, who lives to fly and Chase tornados with a diaper on.  I dream of waking up to some one changing my diaper and getting me dressed for the day, but what ab
DiaperedJohnny85 05.03.2019 5 771

I'm at the point, I don't know how much more bs I can take. I'm just tired of putting out all my effort and energies caring for someone, worrying about them, doing everything I can to make them happy, be their shoulder, opening myself up to them only to ha
liljester 02.12.2019 5 798

what abdl adult diaper are you wearing today?
abdlmommycrissy 05.15.2018 5 988

what was it like the first time you put on a diaper?
DommeMommyAva 02.23.2018 5 957

Do you #abdls like to stay in a messy #diaper over night? Why or why not?
abdlmommycrissy 02.13.2018 5 925

hey #abdl lovers whats your favorite kind of #diaper cover plastic or rubber pants?
abdlmommycrissy 01.29.2018 5 1731