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Family isn't always blood. It's the people in your life who want you in theirs; the one who accept You for who you are. The one who would do anything to see you Smile and who LOVE YOU no matter what.
Aorphanbaby 08.18.2022 0 135

One question to ask all , I don't care if your married and with children or single with children as I have a right to have a life. What I am trying to day is that there are many ladies on here that are trying to get money out of this more than anything els
Aorphanbaby 08.04.2022 0 154

Are there any real natural mothers out their just want a real natural baby relationship and nothing else, and be willing to treat your baby as you're baby and do all the same thing's to your baby. A mother that would never leave her baby and would take ful
Aorphanbaby 10.19.2021 0 316

To all married or not married mommies that wants to own orphan baby boy as there property to treat as if he was there real natural baby from day one shall have a chance soon. He shall go to a beach with his stroller and a blanket to lay on in baby clothes
Aorphanbaby 09.28.2021 0 332

To all married or not mommies with children or not, I shall have all my thing's with me as crib, playpen, high chair, stroller,  all my baby cloths and even some diapers with me. Where in the state I shall be is going to be a place I made a mistake and hop
Aorphanbaby 07.25.2021 0 515

To all mothers and single mommies that are wanting a adult baby to think about this as I am wanting a life as a helpless 6 month old baby boy that is controlled by a mother or a single mommy that would have me as there natural baby and be able to do all sa
Aorphanbaby 12.19.2020 0 521

I am a baby boy that has never had a real mother of my own and looking to find myself a real true mommy that would have me and treat me as her true six month old baby boy. What I want is to have a true mother and baby relationship and NO sexual relationshi
Aorphanbaby 09.14.2020 2 724

I shall be on the move again to travel where I think I could find someone that would have me as their baby boy they have dreamed of. If there is someone out their that would like to own me as their Property and have all the Power, Rights and Control over a
Aorphanbaby 08.13.2020 1 804

Hi To all Mommies and mothers To all that would like to have me as your true baby boy as you may only feed me Heinz baby food's and snacks not adult foods. Plus if you want's to bond more with your baby by breastfeeding or just want's to use baby formula i
Aorphanbaby 09.25.2018 0 973

Their is a straight single virgin baby boy with memory loss that has never had a biological mother of his own before as he is a Orphan and been on his own now for 37 years. I act as a new born lost of my time as I sleep most of the day and night away plus
Aorphanbaby 06.02.2018 0 817
A orphan baby ready for adoption.
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