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Hiya!! Sorry this post is a bit late. I was distracted with porns. I have been up all night just looking at furry porn. I know I'm a furr-vert. lolĀ  Yesterday I hid from the rain it was really pissing down again. I tried getting all the achievements for wa
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Hiya!!!! Omg the rain!! It's been raining off and on and it's not like a lite rain either it comes pouring down!! I beat watch_dogs 2 today, fixed a sink and got confirmation that my birth certificate is on the way. Soon I get to be an actual person again!
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Hiya!!!! Got woke up early today so the bar could be used for a photo shoot. It took like all day so I hung out with a couple if friends and watched a live stream of the isle on YouTube. When I could go back to the bar I played W_D 2 I think I'm getting cl
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Hiya???? Tonight was pool night and it is the first time ever since I have been a member of the group that I stripped pasty undies(5naf boxer briefs) altho it was only until the rope harness was put on then my undies came back on I'm still shy after all an
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Hiya!! I slept in late today. Didn't do much but recharge the min. On my phone and then played W_D 2. Such a boring day I did eat subway.... Hmm only one meal today cause I forgots to eat more. This little definitely needs a big to remind me tah do things.
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Hiya!!!! Ugh I mowed the lawn today we'll at least most of it. The landlord has an electric lawn mower and the batteries are crap, I burnt through 2 of them and still didn't get it finished had to call it so the batteries could charge. I will finish it tom
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Hiya!!!! Yeah I forgots to blog the past two days... I'm gonna blame that on watch_dogs two. Nothing exciting happened in the past two days. Except my friend bought the game Watch_dogs 2. He had me start playing it and we'll that is mostly what I have been
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Hiya!! Took the trip to my parents today. I picked up some cloths and found 6 reaze rebels that I forgot I had, my parents weren't home so that kinda sucked. I slept most of the day. Erm I made a video of me getting ready for bed but I can't upload it hear
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Hiya!!!! Omg I typed up my blog and then when I went to take the pic it logged me out. Now I has to type it all up again. BOO! Sooo today I put another ceiling fan up. Soon I will have replaced all of them in my friends(soon to be my) landlords house. This
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Hiya!!! Today I watched alot of YouTube with my friend. I also chatted online it was nice! I managed to drop my phone and it quit working... It took me like two hours to figure out it knocked my battery loose but I got it working now. Soooo not much to put
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