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So, I just think it's personally funny that this year I was going to get out of my shell and actually go out more, attempt to do munches and better my chances of something positive in my life happening. AAAAAND the plague hits. Well shit. lol Now, I've bee
liljester 05.30.2020 0 369

So obviously everyone on here has a weeee bit of a fetish. The site as it is, either you're into watersports, ageplay, diapers, ddlg, etc etc etc....  I just want to take a moment to remind people that, no matter what your fetish is, or what ever your bund
liljester 03.10.2020 0 506

FInally did it. Built a new gaming PC and gotta say, it's nice to have something that from the time I hit the power button to the  time desktop is loaded it takes a whopping 12 seconds lol. Now..... to find some pc games to play other than distrust.....
liljester 03.09.2020 3 423

So, I have a weekly delivery of my diapers from NORTHSHORE CARE. Like clockwork (normally) I get home friday, there's the package waiting on the doorstep for me. This last friday, not the case. I didn't bother to look at the tracking just presumed that it
liljester 10.06.2019 2 663

First off, yeah I know hardly any of my content is ABDL related. lol But this is something that's been pestering me for a bit. Why is it, we all freak out over movies, and pay more for them than shows and hold movies generally on a higher scale than shows?
liljester 09.22.2019 1 496

Okay so a friend of mine is taking online college classes and we are both just confused and frustrated over one of her courses. It's supposed to be a course over careers. One lesson went over self esteem. What, the fuck....Why is there a lesson on self est
liljester 09.14.2019 0 474

A little history. almost 2 decades ago I was dumped by my at the time gf. No biggie right? I mean I was around 16? Well, out of the blue she contacts me on facebook all these years later. No, not to say something like surprise you have a kid you didn't kno
liljester 07.04.2019 8 788

I'm a little tired of the PM's from people with either NO profile, or PRIVATE profiles. I don't mind someone trying to have a conversation, but if there's no profile for me to read, then be ready to be blocked. I'm just tired of it. Plus, yours
liljester 05.07.2019 1 505

So I realize everyone can have a typo, and that I am not free from having several of my own. Mainly, for some reason it's primarily the word JUST. I for some reason usually sway the US around in it when typing fast. Oh well. But, sometimes I just can't hel
liljester 04.19.2019 0 591

So, I know others have had this problem. Personally, I don't like talking to people who don't have or don't actually post things on their profiles. I mean I like having some kind of an idea of the person that I'm talking to, what they're about. Hobbies int
liljester 03.18.2019 2 488
Cleverly disguised as an adult...

just ramblings of the padded room inhabitant as well as padded bottomed

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