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Would you rather slide down a Slide or swing on a Swing? Would you rather play Football or Tennis? Would you rather be smart or incredibly funny? Would you rather ride a Horse or an Elephant? Would you rather have Oatmeal for breakfast or lunch? Would you
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If you could be invisible for one day only, what would you do? Would you rather be as small as an Ant or as tall as a Giant? If you could visit one planet in the Universe, which one would it be? Do Unicorns really fart Rainbows? What’s the worst name you’v
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  Who is your favourite character, and why? If you could pick any name for yourself, what would it be? What superhero powers would you want to have? What’s your favourite TV Show, and why is it the best? What are you thankful for? Are you excited about you
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Looking for friends in the Charlotte North Carolina area. 
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Hello, I’m an 18 year old block who’s seeking a relationship. I would like a girl who’s into the ABDL scene, specifically as a little. I would like to play the daddy role, however Im not opposed to mix things up and trade places. I’m located in Australia,
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have you ever got caught in diaper or baby clothes, was you embarrassed, or was the person that caught you accepting the fact you wear baby clothes and diapers, did they help change you after the fact because I know you used the bathroom after they caught
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Everyone knows I’m a pain slut but only a few people know I also enjoy giving it. My useless little diaper dick, however, knows this secret the best. I’m always gripping his diapered balls like a vice while whispering sweet nothings into his ear. His whimp
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    Being your dirty secret has been fun but now it’s time to introduce me to your friends. I’ve sent them a group message through your phone, just three to four of your closest guy friends. I told them to meet you for drinks at your local spot. Knowing
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