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Too many woke snowflakes who support BLM on this site. Speak honestly & plainly and you get called a "Racist" etc.
11h ago


I also agree.  I came here looking for friends in my area and got scammers and pay to play. I am glad there are more people that agree. Scammers and pay to play should be removed
19h ago
I'm from pa just wanting to chat.
2d ago
I know the feeling I remember when diaper space came out. Their were so many good people to talk to their now a days it's a ghost town. An too many scammers
2d ago
Grew up in Branford CT! Now I live in NH!
2d ago
I'm A little baby looking for a mommy Chicago Illinois area 
2d ago


In South Carolina, abdl, looking for diaper friends and possibly a daddy to baby me. :) 
3d ago


Would love to chat and get to know each other Im trying to send a message but it sees your account is annomouns
3d ago
So many fetishes, so little time lol  Mommy just loves to see everyone’s responses and mommy definitely enjoys her play time as well!
4d ago
Hello! I'm a 47 y/o DL in the Northern VA area and looking for anyone near my area. send me a message and let’s chat. 
6d ago