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Anyone interested in selling Scentsy Products?first: admin 06.25.2018last: Dartplayerinwvc 02.11.2020Between this site, my other community and my Facebook I've sold $1591 worth of stuff in under 2 weeks ($397 profit to pay for...
Win a cloth diaper!first: admin 11.24.2017last: Yukimoon 08.13.2019Giving away one of our new adult pocket diapers. To Enter:Follow the contest post ...
Forums!first: admin 01.23.2016last: Stevewet 11.01.2019Forum is now available for posting and learning about each other!


Hair removal and keeping it offfirst: LilD 09.26.2021last: candymadison14 3 days agoHow do you remove your hair from your diaper area and keep it off. I shave but it grows back quick and it itches so bad. Any ...
Nebraska Little looking for daddyfirst: Anonymous 12.29.2017last: Bigdaddy2 3 days agoHi everyone I am still pretty new to this life style.  I am looking for a daddy To take care of me and help me escape reality...
Any ABDLs in Chadron Nebraska or area?first: Anonymous 10.14.2017last: Bigdaddy2 3 days agoI am looking for ABDLs in Chadron Nebraska or area around me. 
Enemas?first: littleMommyJaney 06.17.2016last: Clyst123 9 days agoI takes whatever mommy thinks I need whether I like it or not
Fetishesfirst: candymadison14 12.16.2019last: babyboy1868 11 days agoHey all u cute little ones, mommy was wondering what everyone’s fetishes r... don’t b afraid to share ur kinks 


ABDL South Africafirst: Shangora 04.30.2016last: Clyst123 11 days agoHi Guys, I have messages quite a few ABDL profiles in SA with no replies, can it be me ?????????? If there is anyone i...
Diaper Lover South Africafirst: Dlbychoice 08.03.2020last: Clyst123 11 days agoHi All Been part of this site for sometime. But have never really participated.  What I would really love is to...
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