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Diaper Types

So, what are your favorite types of diapers? Cloth vs disposable, Bambinos vs Tykeables... what's best for you?


Cloth with a soaker pad or 2.

Terry nappies for me covered with a nice noisy pair of baby pants

Definitely disposables!! ?? There are so many good brands these days it's hard too choose a favourite though!

Oohhh I enjoy diapering my little ones in all types of diapers...if I use cloth I definitely put plastic panties over them for that crinkle...and with disposables there r so many types and designs, the selection is almost endless :)

My favourite is tykables, because if o don’t use it, the Velcro tapes allow me to use it again.

Super dry kids, or crinklz.

So many good diapers out there...

Brands, sizes, thickness, colors, cute designs...

A diaperland of fun!! 

Cloth and cute plastic panties.  

I havent tried cloth but I love disposable diapers and the cuter the better. I think I'd have to say I favor ABU above others but every brand I've tried I've liked.

I've tried both and they each have pros and cons. Definitely the maintenance with cloth is a major downfall, but being pinned into a thick cloth diaper is always nice. When wet, you definitely feel it in cloth. I do also like the crinkle with disposables and it's nice to just be able to throw it out once it's filled to capacity. Disposables do have a tendency to leak more and it's not always easy to get changed before a leak, so a little bit of planning is needed. 

I don't really have a preference.  It would depend on what my care giver puts on me. I like cloth but cleanup stinks and disposable are not as comfortable.