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Seeds Of Innocence

Everyday, the ABDL community as a whole taps into that spark of innocence which makes us who we are. As ageplayers we connect with it on a level that only we can really achieve. 


So in honor of that wholesome purity I would like to propose a new yearly tradition for us and anyone else that wishes to partake in it.


For time immemorial mankind has had end of summer traditions, feasts and festivals. I feel that we should have our own as well. I call it the "Seeds Of Innocence" and it goes a little like this.


At the end of summer we each find six tree seeds that need to stratify through winter. Examples of these are apples, peaches, maple, whatever fits your region. We plant them in pots, put them in the proper conditions for the winter and wait for them to sprout come spring. After another year or two, depending upon the tree, we then plant our eldest trees in various preferably random places around our towns, cities and wild habitats. In the long run, this will provide food, reforest areas and provide a better future for all. It really would be something to hang your hat on.


The festival itself I see as the following.


It's held at either the end of summer or at the cusp of winter depending on climate conditions.


People bring their own pots and potting soil and come together in a big community event.


They mingle, trade and share seeds, enjoy music, pretty much everything that goes with a festival.

At the end of the day everyone takes their pots and plants their seeds. Fireworks go off in celebration of the new lives that have yet to be born from this simple and beautiful act. And the world becomes a slightly better place for it.


I would love nothing more than to attend and participate in such an event. I honestly could die happy if we could make this a very real yearly  thing.


What are your guy's thoughts on this?