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What's Your Favorite Bedtime Story or Song?

When it comes to bedtime and you have to lay ypur head down to sleep, what is your favorite bedtime story or bedtime song that puts you off to dreamland? For my abdl babies they love to hear the story of the three little pigs and for a song, the oldie but goodie, Old Mac Donald had a farm is the favorite pick.

I have some littles that like those songs you mentioned as well but there is one called Fairer Jacker I think that is how it sounds, may not be spelled that way though and it is a French song. I don't speak French but when I sing this to them on French, it lights them up so much and they get really super happy.

Mommy just loves telling stories and singing songs...

mommy would love to hear everyone’s favorites

Mommy Candy’s favorite nursery rhyme is twinkle twinkle little star ?? 

And mommy’s little ones love when I sing the ABC’s to them as they drift into dreamland 

@Tawny it's actually frere Jacques but I knew what you meant.

Ohhhh @makemeababy247 that is what it is called, lol? Thanks for letting me know, I sincerely appreciate it very much my dear. I am actually singing it right now as I type this. 

The three little pigs and little red riding hood are fun stories that I tell babies to make them go to sleep safe, snug and sound.