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So any Mommies out there that are breast feeding their littles? I have heard that there is medication to bring on lactation, anyone using medication? Does this have any major effect on you besides milk production? I have a babysitter who has offered to go
Clyst123 10 days ago 2 89

Would you rather slide down a Slide or swing on a Swing? Would you rather play Football or Tennis? Would you rather be smart or incredibly funny? Would you rather ride a Horse or an Elephant? Would you rather have Oatmeal for breakfast or lunch? Would you
Lil_Angel_Stewie 10 days ago 0 52

If you could be invisible for one day only, what would you do? Would you rather be as small as an Ant or as tall as a Giant? If you could visit one planet in the Universe, which one would it be? Do Unicorns really fart Rainbows? What’s the worst name you’v
Lil_Angel_Stewie 10 days ago 0 47
Get Some Diapers!

pyro: You will gwt scammers where ever you go. As the years have gone on I have got better at sniffing them out. Do not give anyone money online. ;)
pyro: Girls to male ratio in this fetish/life styke is about 1:15 guys that’s just how it is. Personally I am just here for friendship, but have indulged in the odd online RP or sexting with a girl but that’s just playful and I know nothing will materialise from it in real life.
DaddaGra: Look out for the latest scammers, Ive had 2 fake profiles contact me requesting that I give them money for an Apple I phone. I just block this over and over again as its a pity that too many of these fake profiles prevail on this site!
13d ago
lilsnyder: it's on every site now a days, not just here. blocking is the best way. How's everyone's week going?
12d ago
Motherly: Almost died 2 weeks ago. Had super fun emergency surgery. :( but I’m glad to be back around. I hope everyone’s well. Sorry if anyone’s reached out and I’ve not gotten back yet.
11d ago
phontex: Wow. That was like right after our conversation. Are you ok? What happened?
11d ago
Lil_Angel_Stewie: Come Join Me: TUMBLR: lil-angel-stewie.tumblr.c­om...­ TWITTER: twitter.com/LilAngelStewi­e...­ INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/lil_angel_s­tewie...­ DISCORD: Lil Angel Stewie#4876... TWITCH: twitch.tv/lil_angel_stewi­e...­ YOUTUBE: youtube.com/channel/UCUl3­4Fq-xjl4BXLCJLUBZQg...­ FETLIFE: fetlife.com/users/1190913­9...­ DIAPER SPACE: diaperspace.com/members/l­il-angel-stewie...­ HANGOUTS: [email protected]
10d ago
Lil_Angel_Stewie: Yes... I know is a lot a probably stupid but I am pretty much tired of all the Fakes and Abuse here so please use other links if you wish to make a new REAL! Friend... 😁😁
10d ago
Lil_Angel_Stewie: Stay Safe!... Stay Well!... Stay Positive!
10d ago
singlemale02: Has anyone received messages but it says Profile not available to view? I have been messaged by a few of those a lot. that's a fake account isn't it?
10d ago
Babyathome: Not necessarily. A legit member can set their profile to not viewable by other members. It would read "not available to view".
10d ago
singlemale02: thank you babyathome.
10d ago
singlemale02: how does one out of curiosity set profile to not available?
10d ago
Babyathome: In ther upper right hand corner of this page where your name is, there is a drop down. You can set who can see your profile under "settings".
10d ago
singlemale02: thank you once again babyathome
10d ago
zedbb4: Finding real people thru this site is like any dating site, be sensible, be kind, be genuine.. remember that the women have so many guys messaging.. and many have zero respect… keep on keepin on xx
9d ago
Motherly: @phonetex I had something burst/rupture and had major internal bleeding for a bit, apparently. At first I was just very tired for a few days. Then the pain came and was unbearable so I ended up calling for an ambulance. Had emergency surgery right away. It was all very crazy. :( This past year I’ve had a few major health crisis’.
9d ago
Dartplayerinwvc: Korok scammer
8d ago
Dartplayerinwvc: ADMIN I reported a scammer email
8d ago
BT9785: Hello everyone it's been a while since I was here. Hope everyone is doing well and having fun😀
8d ago
singlemale02: anyone have any weekend plans?
8d ago
phontex: @Motherly I'm very sorry to read that. If it's any consolation mines been going downhill as well. Thanks to two screws in my hand, my whole right arm has developed degenerative bone disease, carpeltunel syndrome, and neuropathy. It now like to swell up and painfully stop working.
7d ago
uprailfan: Ah, A nice wet diaper :D
7d ago
Katnip30: Sooo, Just throwing this out there, Does anyone have a list of the people on this site that is ... decent.. I feel as though it would be easier to get a list of the decent/nice people on here than it would be to get a list of the people that dont know how to communicate properly. It would be a smaller list at least. lol Is it just me that feels this way? How do I get these people to stop messaging me? Are they in denial that they are not the "ones" I refer to in my profile? Sorry, Maybe I'm just in a mood now. Hopefully others are having better luck.
4d ago
littleluab: You can go into their profile and block them. I know what you mean, lots of people here are unable to hold a basic conversation or way too forward. Unfortunatly there is no magic filter other than slowly blocking the ones who don't get the hint as it were. Eventually you should get less of those messages. I don't think its ever possible to not get the odd message thats rubbish.
3d ago
phontex: The ones that have been bothering me are the people on here only for their fantasy narrative. They come on here thinking that they'll just start what can only be described a cyber one night stand and get ticked if you want to just chat.
3d ago
lilsnyder: hmmm so what I'm reading is that no one male or female can hold a real conversation or that no one is looking to make a lasting connection before fantasies. idk about a list being made, as i know I haven't chatted with everyone on here to know who can or can't be a good candidate for some or not for others. But I guess on a side, you know those that chat here are real. so that's a small list. lol
DL_Canada420: hey
lilsnyder: morning.
12h ago
May91953: morning all can someone change my diaper please
11h ago
DL_Canada420: so many weird people
9h ago
Babyathome: That's for sure.
9h ago
Hugh_Madbrough: welcome to the internet, have a look around... Bo Burnham
8h ago
DL_Canada420: I miss my diaper friends.
9m ago
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