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The first thing you may notice about this creature before you is his decently sized black leathery dragon wings.
He flutters them a bit as he notices your glance, his deep hazel eyes having a playful glint in them as he smiles warmly.

This creature, seemingly mostly feline with black silky fur along his body stands at about 5' 3" tall.
He turns to face you a bit, his eyes seeming to pierce into your soul as you cannot help but notice the Mewtwo-style horns atop his head.
White fur lining them, except for the tip, where it tapers down to what looks like white bone.
He had two feline ears on the outsides of those horns atop his head. His right ear had a piercing with a small hoop in it.
His purple headfur was a bit longer, typically about shoulder length, and his bangs could slightly cover his eyes if need be.

His face features three white stripes, along with a white chin and neck. He smiles and purrs softly.

Around his neck is a rolled (round) metal electronic collar colored in Gun Metal Black:

  • The inside of the collar has contact points that can shock/eStim him if needed.
  • The collar is electronically locked onto him, with no visible connection points or joints.
  • The outside of the collar had a tag ring in front with an LED light panel starting on one side of the ring, going around the collar to the other side.
    • The LED panel is wide enough to display messages or light in various colors.
    • The panel is usually lit in purple with his SID # "795772195" visible in the center of the back of his collar.
    • His SID # "795772195" is also engraved on the top of the collar in both the front and back.
  • There are 5 Tags on his collar:
    • A silver bone shaped tag on his collar reads:
      "Drako Swiftclaw, Tabby-Mewtwo-Dragon, Switch"
    • A green, bone shaped SEA-PAH Member Tag.
    • A Blue/White bone shaped tag that reads:
      "Drako" on one side and:
      "Master Clement's Kitty" (with master's contact info if lost) on the other.
    • A red heart shaped tag that reads:
      "May seem distant/aloof but loves scritches & cuddles." on one side and:
      "Loves bites/marks. Trained/Locked Companion." on the other.
    • A silver military style tag that reads:
      "Drako Swiftclaw, Handler of Steel" on one side and:
      "Drako, Pet kitty of Storm Graywing" on the other.

From there, you can notice the white fur continuing down his chest and belly.

Regarding his attire:

  • He always wears a blue 5 point harness
    that has an Amethyst hanging from the metal ring over the middle of his chest.
  • He also wears a pair of black silky shorts.
  • If he is in a place that is clothing optional, he can be found in just his underwear.
    When he is padded, he may be wearing plastic pants and/or a onesie over his diaper.
    If not wearing the plastic pants/onesie when padded, he may keep his shorts on.
  • He is locked up in a chastity cage at least 70% of the time.

His legs are nicely built, black silky fur, like the rest of him, with white tiger stripes along them. His digitigrade feline feet were covered in that black silky fur. The pads on his paws were pink.
However, he also owns a pair of hoof leggings, which he would allow others to fit him if they desired to.
He also has reins that his partners can fit onto him. If anyone were to put his reins on him, they would have complete control over him until they take the reins off. The reins are just like horse reins with bridle, but specially fitted for his head and muzzle. They also were designed to be secured around his head. (They would fit his snout but also fit around his head like a dog's muzzle.)

He turns to let you eye his tail and back:
His SID # "795772195" was tattoed over the base of his tail in pink, which shows in his fur.
His tail was thicker than normal, being more of the thicker Mewtwo style of tail.
The underside of his tail consists of white scales.
The rest of his tail his black furred with white stripes all the way to its tip.
The tip of his tail is unique, instead of being a tuft of fur, it seems more like a bulb of flesh covered in short white fur. His back carries the same markings all the way up to his head. Leaving his arms again with the white stripes on black fur. His paws completely black furred, aide the pink pawpads.

Connecting the top of his back and the back of his head seems to be some sort of odd artery tube covered in purple fur.
This artery tube being one of the few traits that can be seen of his Mewtwo side.
He seems cautious in regards to that sensitive spot and turns back to face you once more.
There is a rolled metal collar of a slightly different shade of purple that fits exactly around his artery tube.
Dangling from this collar was a master ball that had "Drako, kitten to Dusty" engraved on it.

His tail constantly emits trace amounts of pheromones, which can be picked up at close range or with an extra sensitive nose. When in heat, this hybrid's tail will emit a stronger floral smelling form of pheromones, which can be quite alluring. He also tends to snack on more fruit and chocolate during this time.

If you were to move closer, you could catch a light scent of roses and chamomile, with a hint of berries. It was a pleasant scent, considering this feline loves to stay clean.

He is extremely friendly and almost constantly flirtatious. He likes making friends and enjoys the company and affections of others. He does have his own odd streak, but also has a very big heart. He would protect his friends with his life, and remains loyal to them.

He is very affectionate, and loves affection. He would gladly snuggle up to just about anyone. While he does enjoy making friends over just having playmates, it is not too hard to convince him into some fun. While he will not shy away from the females, he does have a strong preference for other males.

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