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  •  ACEZERO: 

    ANNNA is a Scammer.

    1 point
  •  BabyMimi: 

    Whiley has been harassing me for nude video's and pictures. He and his so called "friend" won't leave me alone. i just blocked him again today. he has several accounts here. please watch out for this guy. he makes me uncomfortable. ty for any help you can offer.

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  •  tiger2013: 


    mommycare4baby is a scammer asking people to purchase steam cards and to send her the codes, has been reported. UK based apparently Bexhill on sea,
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  •  lexikitty: 

    MommaDD is currently requesting people add her on hangouts and then going on about how she is originally from TN, but currently in Brazil for an inheritance as well as a long spiel about relocating yadda yadda yadda standard scammer messages 

    0 points
  •  Bifind: 

    Newmommy4urlove is a scammer

    2 points
  •  Baby_Guppy: 

    The user openheartforu is the same scammer as GoodMommy. Still trying to pass herself off as Kayla Camerella AKA GND Kayla the porn star/cam girl. She has offered to send a pic of her passport, no doubt photoshopped. Do NOT trust this person she/he/it is a scammer!

    Here's a tip: if their profile comes up 'profile not available' then they are most likely a scammer and should be avoided.

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  •  Baby_Guppy: 

    GoodMommy is a scammer using pictures of Kayla Camerella as herself/himself. She has asked me directly for money for a plane ticket. Do NOT trust this person she/IT is a scammer!

    -1 point
  •  HandyDandy: 

    How can those of us being diapered due to medical reasons be un wanted, It's the human body for crying out loud, its a natural way of living for soo many of us. One should not be embarrassed over this

    -1 point
  •  Nessie_Celery: 

    Mom4life, calls herself April Moore. Scammer. Fake pic, sent fake passport, asks for money. 

    1 point
  •  Foxian: 
    Poop 'n penis, can you please get rid, thankyou!
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