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  •  pottypanties: 

    I wear Purity cloth diapers al most exclusively although my wife has been using some of the very thirsty cute disposables with sissy baby prints on me.

    The Purity diapers are size large. This allows for them to be folded how we want, mostly in a kite ford. During the day I wear 1 or 2 depending. At night she lays out 1 diaper then folds a 2nd int 5ths or 6ths laying it the length of the diaper front to back and then lays a 3rd diaper over it all. She uses 4 diaper pins to pin them into place.

    The plastic baby panties I am wearing were made by the now defunct Comcomfg! So sad they went out of business. They made the best plastic panties. They were inexpensive, long lasting and had front facing leg opening. They were obviously AD/DL aware as they made many plastic baby panties of this type, - and pint diapers, plastic baby bibs with sissy and baby prints.

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  •  Lollol: 

    They look so bulky what type of nappy did you use cloth is it or ?

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04.15.2021 (22 days ago)
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