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 Adult Baby (AB) This is the first title of the Kink/Fetish within our Community, and it simply stands for the exact thing it describes which is where Adults over the age of Eighteen Years (18+), behave, regress or take on a role of an Infant. It has many
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 Baby/Toddler/Child/Age Regression These are used to describe a Child’s Mental State that is either reverted or often reverts to a younger age than what they actually are. There are multiple reasons why a Child may face these challenges. Some are capable o
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I just want to put a word of CAUTION out there that it has come to my attention I may actually be a victim, just like many others in the Community, that have fallen to Imposters making up false accounts to make it appear like they are me. I am assuming the
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I have had a very slight interest in the first part of my Baby Dictionary, which I do keep trying to update for you all when things come to me, so I am sorry if you keep seeing it return on your Home Page. I am actually quite excited to know that a few of
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I am going to write here a Dictionary of words that I personally use in Text and Speech when communicating when being Baby me. I wanted to do this so that it may be clear to understand my page when using these terms in my postings, as well as add a little
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She doesn't care that you've kept her up at night with your fidgets, twitches and cries. She doesn't care that the really long night has given you both puffy and tired looking eyes. She doesn't care that when she decides to get up that she's just stood on
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I want to tell you my story and show you exactly who I ambut this is extremely difficult because I am supposed to be a “Man!”. It is difficult because my story is greatly complicated at bestand I have certainly lived a life that’s full of difficult, challe
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